For the women of Acadia

Cassie has worked as a freelance journalist and has written several family histories. Her main current publications are listed here.

Cassie Deveaux Cohoon’s first novel, a fictional history of an early woman of Acadia during the difficult times of the expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia.



Cassie Deveaux Cohoon

On a visit to Fortress Louisbourg after the publication of Severine, the author discovered that she was a descendant of an Acadian woman named Jeanne Dugas, who was born in Louisbourg in 1731 of Acadian parents.  Furthermore, Jeanne and her husband Pierre Bois were one of the founding couples of Chéticamp, the author’s hometown.


Preliminary research revealed that a Catholic bishop from Quebec on a visit to Cheticamp in 1812 mentioned in a footnote to his journal that he had met “an elderly woman named Jeanne Dugas who told him of all the places she and her husband and children had fled to in their attempt to remain in Acadia during the deportations of 1755 and 1758.”  The author followed her trail, as Jeanne lived for thirty years under the threat of capture and deportation by the British and attacks by pirates and privateers, and to her final refuge in Chéticamp. 

Jeanne Dugas of Acadia